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Schools & Camps

schools1.pngAs an equipment piece, PE teachers and program leaders ABSOLUTELY love the Pocket Disc. Its versatility allows for use in nearly any sort of game and its VERY PORTABLE AND packable. Many discs can be stored in a small space - a big deal when SPACE IS LIMITED in the equipment closet. Best of all, its safe! We'll quote Russell W., a PE teacher in NC who test ran the Pocket Disc five years ago with his classes and still has them going strong today: "Look at that game we just played. I'd have had 5 different kids in tears before the end of class if we'd used a hard frisbee. These things are great!" One of his students added, "I love playing with the Pocket Disc because when it hits my mouth, my lips don't get cut in my braces." All over the country, PE teachers, YMCA councelors, Boy Scout TROOPS, and countless other camps are putting the Pocket Disc to use in their activities and in their camp stores. To join them, send a note to contact@pocketdisc.com. Additionally, we have developed a NASPE-based curriculum guide for PE teachers to use with Pocket Discs for their students. Once you sign up with us, it's free for you. Lastly, click here to see special School/Camp pricing and discounts.