original-doiley-roots-.pngLike many inventions, the concept behind our soft Mayan frisbee was stumbled upon by complete chance. In 2005, nine year old Savanna crochet a doily for a 3rd grade project. However, she was jibber-jabbering with some friends and added too many drop stitches to the outer edge, causing the lip to curl inward slightly. As all good fathers should, Patrick kept the cute, albeit crooked little doily. One evening a friend, Chris, randomly grabbed and tossed it to Patrick.  They were struck by how smoothly it floated through the air while not breaking anything it hit. Chris exclaimed, "We'll sell a million of these!"

colour-discs-roots-.jpg Through loads of research and hard work, they were able to combine their fair-trade values with a versatile toy that is perfect for kids, adults, and even pets!  The Pocket Disc was born with the intention of getting people to disconnect from their devices so they can connect in the real world. Over a million sold later, the Pocket Disc continues to unite the people we love and perfect strangers alike, while most importantly providing a fair income for our talented Mayan artisans partners.patirck-w-mayans-sep-2018.jpg

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