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As our top selling size and style, more Savanna sports sunburst pocket discs fly around the world than any other.  Now you can color it yourself with the palette below.  Best of all, a portion of the proceeds of your purchase will go into a fund earmarked to buy new stoves for the Mayan artisans who crochet your disc.  More below...


 A few quick notes:

 Lead time is 45-75 days depending on where we are in our monthly shipping cycle when we get your order.  We will gladly give you status updates if you email us at

  • The colors will be very close but may not be exactly as you see on your screen.  Just click on the color squares in each zone until you've found your perfect combo.

 More about the good deed you are doing:

The stoves (and often times open fires) the artisans have now are very smokey and create really bad indoor air quality.  The stove design also leads to many burn cases with the children who while running and playing sometimes trip and fall against the stove and suffer severe burns.  The new stoves address and solve both these problems.  

Many thanks for making such a great purchase.



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Additional Info

Copy of PS21

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