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100% Hempy Natural Dye Sport Disc

Limited edition 100% hemp done with the natural dye process.  For all you hemp lovers like us, this is your chance to have one of the most unique Pocket Discs on earth (only 16 units left at this time).  Click here to read more about the...

Hempy Discs

These sport sized discs are made from 50% hemp and 50% cotton. We found that they are more durable over time than 100% cotton and have a slightly different texture!
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American Pie Hempy

The original USA flag Betsy Ross made was of Hemp, so we are following suit.  This is a 50/50 hemp/cotton blend- the white part is hemp. As with all hemp purchases, way to do your part for the earth with your choice.   
Out of stock

Colorado Flag Hempy Natural Dye Sport

Limited Edition!  100% hemp and all-natural organic dyed CO flag sports disc.  Only 30 in stock!   These threads are special...a village in San Juan la laguna on Lake Atitlan is home to a small group of Mayan artisans that specialize...