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fest1.pngFrom Bonnaroo to Bumbershoot, The Hangout to Ann Arbor Art, Pocket Discs have flown all over the country creating good times for festival lovers of all ages. We can't tell you how many times we have seen an errant throw whack a passing stranger in the head. They just smile, pick it up and toss it back, grateful that it wasn't a hard plastic disc. Pocket Discs make for safe simple fun anywhere. So make your Pocket Disc one of your "essentials" for your festival pack. Have an interest in peddling Pocket Discs at a local festi? Hit us up at contact@pocketdisc.com with the region you'd like to cover and the event(s) you have in mind. It doesn't have to be massive events like Bonnaroo. "Fridays in the Park" and such, street fairs, and many others all present great opportunities for you to make some loot while throwing the Pocket Disc love all about.