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dogs1.pngDogs love Pocket Disc so much that for them, we call it the Paw-ket Disc. The all cotton crochet won't chip their teeth or bloody their gums, but when used as a play toy and put on the shelf after, it will stand up to their teeth for years. In fact, a veterinarian once looked at the discs and said, "Cool, tarter control. When the dog bites this, his teeth go into the pore space of the crochet and it scrapes the tarter off his teeth like dental floss. Fun and healthy, I love it." Will they destroy it? If you give it to them as a chew toy, of course they will. Just give ‘em a bone instead, if that's your plan. Will the slobber make 'em nasty? After a while it will - hand wash and air dry - a machine is okay too on GENTLE CYCLE, but we prefer hand-washing. Here are some pretty cool quotes and pix we've gotten over the years from happy dog owners: "I use these awesome fun discs as a reward for my search and rescue dog, Gris. He loves chasing, catching and carrying them. They are easy to tuck away and keep clean...Gris says thanks!""He can't contain his excitement from a good pocket disc session!""My dogs love it!"Got a dog shop and want to carry us? Send us a note to contact@pocketdisc.com