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Disc Golf/Ultimate

golf1.pngDisc-based sports are growing in popularity every year. Already thousands of pro and amateur disc golfers enjoy tossing the Pocket Disc in between holes while waiting for the T pad. On rainy days and at night, they can sharpen their putting skills by practicing inside and, of course, just have fun with a buddy making the doorknob down the hall or mirror in the foyer holes #1 and #2 as they play indoor disc golf.

golf4.pngWhile a Pocket Disc is not designed to fly the distance of an ultimate disc, some modifications to the game format can make for a high speed, frenzy of fun. Check out our half-court ultimate game! Nearly all of the major disc golf and ultimate suppliers carry Pocket Discs, from Disc Nation to Dynamic Discs and the Ultimate Disc Store. If you are already a loyal customer of theirs, LOOK FOR POCKET DISC there, otherwise grab one on our website. Either way, get out there and spread the fun. If you have a disc shop and want to become an authorized dealer, please send a note to contact@pocketdisc.com or check out the Wholesale link at the top of this site.