Alt. Uses

  1. Cob web cleaner.... Can't reach that cob web with a broom and ladder? No problem. Just take aim with a Pocket Disc.
  2. Nap Pillow.... Roll it up and sneak in a few winks between classes, meetings and calls. Buehler? Buehler?
  3. Eye covers.... Put one over your eyes to keep the light out while snoozin'
  4. Cozier coozie.... Hold it inside out around your drink and tuck your fingers into the lip for a secure and warm hold as featured in our video.
  5. Coaster.... Grandma will be happy you didn't ruin her finish.
  6. Pot holder.... You probably shouldn't pick up a hot pot with it, but could put one on the table on top of a Pocket Disc and you'll be fine.
  7. Road trip shortener.... Yup, like a new set of crayons, the Pocket Disc will distract the kids on the road, minus the mess.
  8. Yamulka.... Late for the Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah? No problem.
  9. A Rug for Teddy.... A rug for a stuffed animal or doll to sit (or stand) on. (thanks to Camryn Shegogue)
  10. Ice breaker.... Toss one of these to the girl you're trying to get the nerve up to approach
  11. Soft seat.... Sit on one (preferably 2, one for each cheek) when at a festival or other outdoor event so your tush won't get wet.
  12. Indoor Slip n' Slide.... Sit on a 'D, find a slippery floor in your house, and have a friend pull you around by your feet as featured in our video. Watch here!
  13. Practice Hockey Defense.... Great for goalie glove save practice. Get in close range and zing them at the goalie.
  14. Quicker Picker-upper.... In a pinch you can clean up spills, tears, drool, and all sorts of undesirable messes.
  15. Beret.... Make the Pepe look cool again.
  16. Duster.... Works great with ceiling fan blades.
  17. Water bowl.... Flip it inside out and put a plastic bag in there. Then put water in the bag and you can water your dog while camping.
  18. Serving bowl.... Flip it inside out and it's a serving bowl.
  19. Decorative bowl.... For your rock collection or other prized objects.
  20. Bandage.... It works as a big ol' bandage should you need one.
  21. Cat communicator.... Throw it at your cat if he's on the counter or somewhere off limits. . . Won't hurt him.
  22. Steak Saver.... Need to grab that steak off the grill, but there's no fork or tongs? Pull out a Pocket Disc for a steak handle. Bonus: the resulting meat-flavored disc is an even better pet toy.
  23. Thumb war mat.... Give one to your friend, slip the holes over your thumbs, lock your hands together, and let the battle begin! A plus is the Pocket Disc blocks those nasty cheaters from using illegal thumb wresting moves, like using your index finger, i.e., "The Snake". Also, the Pocket Disc is a beautiful mat to wrestle your opposable enemies upon when spectators come to watch the fight! (Thanks to Aaron T. for this idea!)
  24. Mouse pad.... This is very useful as you can toss it around when the boss is away.
  25. Sunglasses saver.... Keep your sunglasses from getting scratched in your pocket by rolling them up in a Pocket Disc.
  26. Baseball bases.... Bases for a pickup game of baseball or waffle ball.
  27. Games markers.... Markers for soccer goal posts, races, or just about anything else.
  28. Keys thrower.... Wrap your keys in a D before throwing them to your friend to make them easier to catch.
  29. Forensics friend.... Don't pick up evidence at a crime scene without a D to cover your paws!
  30. Juggling implements.... Juggle them and don't worry about them rolling away if you drop them.
  31. Door stop.... Fold it in half and stop that door from swinging open.
  32. Windshield cleaner.... Keep one in your glove box for those cold mornings when your inside windshield fogs up.
  33. Light Switch Cover.... Do you have an ivory colored light switch cover? Are all of your light switch covers ivory colored? Wake up! Add color to your light switch and give yourself a good reason to turn on that light.
  34. Wall protector.... Hang one over your door handle if you don't have a door stop in place.
  35. Fuzzy Dice upgrade.... Fuzzy dice hanging from your rear view mirror are so 80's. Hang a couple D's if you want to pimp your ride.
  36. Cubicle air raid.... Toss one over the wall at your slacker co worker.
  37. Pet toy.... Throw it with your pet, but avoid a game of tug o' war.
  38. Glass identifier.... Give your dinner party guests Pocket Discs to put under their wine glasses to identify theirs.
  39. Floor saver.... Put it under your heavy furniture before sliding it across your wood floors.
  40. Ruler.... Pocket Discs are 8 inches across and have a 1 inch hole.
  41. Fly swatter.... It's true. There have been at least three recorded instance of a flies taken down by a D. And without that annoying slapping noise or bloody mess on the wall.
  42. Stocking stuffer.... Research shows that the average Christmas stocking will hold up to 8 Pocket Discs.
  43. Seat saver.... Plunk one down on your seat to ward off seat stealers. Caution: a potential seat stealer may just pick up your Pocket Disc and toss it to a friend.
  44. Reminder.... Need a quick reminder to take something with you on a errands trip? Wrap your item in a Pocket Disc and place it strategically by the door.
  45. Better bull's eye.... Got darts but no board? Set up a Pocket Disc or two on the wall and fire away.
  46. Cabbie caller.... When waving a hand is not working, start waving a Pocket Disc.
  47. Door jamb stuffers.... Use a few Pocket Discs to stuff under your door jamb to prevent sound, light or odors from creeping in.
  48. Frozen object gripper.... Who likes to grab anything that's frozen on a cold day? Use that Pocket Disc to protect your hands.
  49. Beach Sand Remover.... Save your towel for important things like, you know, drying off.

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