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About Us

doily-1-.pngIn 2005, 9-year old Savanna had to crochet a doily for her 3rd grade school project. While she did a very nice job, she added a few too many drop stitches at the outer edge of the trivet causing it to curl and form a small lip. On the end table it sat idly for over a year, until one night a family friend, Chris, picked it up and tossed it across the room at Savanna's dad, Patrick. As it floated across the room and landed softly in Patrick’s hand, the two of them stood silently, jaws hanging slightly. They played catch for the next hour, joking all the while about what a hit this thing could someday become.

Time passed. Day jobs continued. But each time they hung out, Savanna's doily took flight and the lure of its possibilities grew stronger. Finally, almost a year later, they decided "Let’s give this a spin," and began researching where hacky sacks come from as it reminded them of a cross between a hippie hat and a hacky sack. The answer – Guatemala (see below for Pocket Disc’s commitment to Fair Trade). Meanwhile, Savanna’s mom, Mindy, made a half dozen or so prototypes, each of which took her several days in her spare time. Patrick and Chris shipped the prototypes off to different village-based production groups in Guatemala . What was sent down were two-toned concentric circular striped discs of the most ordinary sort. What came back blew their minds. The colors, patterns and variety the Maya artisans had created was, well ... take a look:

colourvariety-1-.jpgFor the next few years, Patrick and Chris worked their day jobs while establishing a strong production base in Guatemala and took booths out at trade shows like the NY Toy Fair and Outdoor Retailer. Their warehouse was Patrick’s basement. By the end of 2010, they were ready to sell Pocket Discs full-time. Along with Cristina and Stella the Border Collie (whenever Stella was allowed), they dove into the festival scene at places like Bonnaroo, The Hangout Festival, Telluride Blues and Brews. Years later, the Pocket Disc team still loves to hit the road to connect with the Pocket Disc fanatics, to see the smiles lighting up kids’ faces, and to create fun for all ages. Early in 2013, Chris decided to return to his first love of Solar Energy. A noble pursuit. His beliefs in global responsibility and fair trade live on at Pocket Disc, and some 500 Maya artisans and over half a million Pocket Disc owners can thank him for his inaugural throw of Savanna's doily that fateful night.

So, do yourself a favor and grab a Pocket Disc to toss with your buddy, kid or pet (available online or at your favorite neighborhood outdoor sports or toy store). Experience Pocket Disc for yourself and help support Fair Trade and a green, globally-concerned business. Catch the fun!